Form follows function.

Those three words ring universal truth. From the veins in a sheath of grass, to the veins in your hand. From the flow of a river, to the flow of traffic, design is imposed onto the functions of our surroundings, whether by natural or artificial means.

The need to create is in us all. To survive off artifice is the role our form serves to function. We create, build, and craft forms etched from our observations of the universe in hopes that they'll transcend our lifetimes and carry on into the next for the betterment and continuation of our people.

One such creation is the language of light. Our stylus, the camera. A device by our design to capture the stories and tales, fables and myths, poetry and prose of our time and breathe life into the human experience for those of us here now, and for those to come.

This artifice is what I turn my eye to. To veil the functions of reality through the illusions of the minutiae. To understand the whole, one must first look at its parts. When the function is unknown, what remains is the form, which in turn often reflects the most harmonic and elegant graces of the natural and artificial worlds. 

Journey with me.